5 physical activities to stay fit over 50


Physical activities to stay fit over 50

The effect of regular physical activity is undisputed. It delays cell ageing, stimulates the brain and coordination, promotes balance and thus helps fight memory and cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, even after the age of 50, it is important to continue being physically active. Here is a non-exhaustive list to help you choose an age-appropriate sport.

physical activities to stay fit


Running or athletic walking

This is a very beneficial activity for seniors unless you have severe coronary or respiratory disease or severe knee or hip osteoarthritis. Athletic walking involves a faster pace than everyday walking.

It is beneficial because it works all the muscles and joints as well as the cardiovascular system. However, make sure that you do this sport only within your capabilities and without overexertion.

It is best to walk at your own pace, focusing on endurance rather than performance.

Senior Dance

Dancing is an activity that is both fun and athletic. As vieillirbienvivant.fr explains, both physical fitness and mental well-being are linked. Dancing is an activity that perfectly combines both aspects.

It not only promotes balance, coordination and breathing. Dancing also plays an important role in preventing the deterioration of cognitive abilities and neurons. This is because learning dance steps, step combinations and choreography maintains and improves memory. Dancing is good for the psyche and morale.

If it is practiced in a group, one gets to know new people, makes new contacts and prevents isolation. Especially Latin American dances (Salsa, Rumba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Bachata) allow movement of all joints, especially the pelvis. Thus, this activity helps to maintain mobility and flexibility in this area, which significantly reduces back pain.

physical activities to stay fit

The gymnastics

The practice of senior gymnastics is beneficial for the entire body. It promotes muscle strengthening, helps maintain some flexibility and trains balance. If you like water, you should choose water gymnastics.

It increases muscle and respiratory tone and improves blood circulation. Among other things, it strengthens the cardiovascular rhythm.


Yoga is a discipline that is reasonably accessible to seniors. It is an activity for the body and mind based on breathing exercises, meditation and specific physical exercises.

Practicing yoga regularly keeps your body more supple. It promotes better mobility and counteracts the lack of movement.

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Swimming gets your muscles moving (arms, legs, back) as well as your respiratory system. It promotes motor coordination. It is an ideal activity for seniors and especially for people suffering from arthritis.

Exercising after the age of 50 is still a good idea. The WHO advises seniors to do at least 150 minutes of endurance exercise every week. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor regularly, exercise gently and adjust your diet.