5 Tips on Selling Meditations Online

5 Tips on Selling Meditations Online

While it may seem foreign and complicated, there are many ways for meditation teachers to get paid or exchange value for your meditation recordings online, and many are easier to navigate than you might think. Here are some tips to get you started.

Modern life is uncertain, busy, and challenging, leaving many people feeling on edge or under the pump and, not surprisingly, looking for ways to relax, sleep better and de-stress.

The Gallup Global Emotions 2022 Report suggests global stress, unhappiness and sadness levels are at their highest recorded levels worldwide, with a record 41% of people experiencing high levels of daily stress.

It’s no wonder the global wellness market is booming. In 2020, the global Mental Wellness market was estimated at US$131 billion, while the global Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market was valued at US$1.1 Billion in 2021 and is estimated to grow to over US$ 6.8 Billion by 2030.

All of this suggests that if you create or want to create guided meditation recordings for sale, there is a large and growing market for your content online.

As a qualified meditation teacher, once you work out the technology, digital downloads are an easy way to share and sell guided meditation audios and can provide a source of income or a means to add value to meditation programs, workshops, and other services, with low associated overhead costs (no physical storage or postage required) and access to global markets, thanks to the internet.

5 Tips on Selling Meditations Online
How to sell your meditation audios online

While it may seem foreign and complicated, there are many ways for meditation teachers to get paid or exchange value for your meditation recordings online, and many are easier to navigate than you might think. Here are some tips to get you started.

Whatever options appeal to you, it is recommended that you continue your own research online to find the platforms that will suit your circumstances.

As a meditation teacher guiding meditation for groups in many settings (and of course from your training and practical exercises completed in your ACMM Meditation Teacher Training), you will have gathered a range of meditation scripts (and recordings). Why not use these as another income stream?

If you have trained with ACMM, your scripts will all have been written by you (completely original), which means you can multiply their value in many ways.

If you have trained with another institution, please check whether the scripts they have provided are copyrighted.

While you don’t need a website to sell your meditations online, if you have one, you will want to have full control over organisation, promotion, and sales of your audios.

Tip 1: There are several broad options to sell your meditations online for no or low cost.

Use as many options as possible to reach the largest number of listeners and potential customers (ensuring pricing is consistent across different platforms).

No website? No problem

If you are a new Meditation Teacher and don’t have your own website, you can use a free digital storage platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive to save the audio file (mp3) online (in the ‘cloud’).

Importantly, you may want to restrict access to the file so it is not publicly available and enable file downloads such that you can share the file link with customers after they have paid you (e.g., via invoice and bank transfer).

Alternatively, you might share the audio download link to add value to another service, program, or workshop or as a marketing opt-in (see below for more info).

While this is the cheapest (free) option, there may be storage limits restricting how many audios you can save on the digital storage platform, and you will have to manually perform all actions involved in selling and delivering meditation downloads to your customers.

Create an Online Shop

For an easier and more professional looking option, you might consider using a digital marketplace (e-commerce) platform such as Shopify, Gumroad, Sellfy, Easy Digital Downloads, or Soundwise (many other options as well).

While these platforms either charge you a commission on sales or a subscription fee, they allow you to add meditation recordings and other digital products (courses, memberships and subscriptions, and other digital services) to your account, set a price, provide a description and image, and start securely selling and delivering your audios through their platform to your customers, with support to help at every step.

Tip 2. Most e-commerce platforms have a free trial period to learn the ropes & experiment before launching your online shop or product. There are hundreds of different platforms, and it is worth taking time to research and trial them before you decide which one is best suited to meet your needs.

Should I have my own website?

If you don’t currently have a website, but are considering one, you can use a DIY website building platform with e-commerce functionality, such as Wix, Squarespace, and many others, allowing you to build your own online shop. This is a great starting point for new Meditation Teachers.

Again, it is important to do your own research to find a platform that suits you best. You will also need to purchase a domain name (the actual website address you will use) and spend the time (or pay someone) to build the site yourself. Make sure you have registered any name that you use commercially with the relevant government business bodies (ASIC in Australia).

If you have a website without an online shop (e-commerce), you can add a widget or plug-in from your chosen e-commerce platform to your website for a seamless and professional looking purchasing experience for your customers.

Benefits of having your own e-commerce website

Having your own website provides your business with credibility and a resource for your customers to easily access information, support, and all your guided meditation audios for sale in one easily accessible place.

Importantly, you will also own the data and emails you collect through your website sales and opt-ins, so you can keep in touch with your customers and let them know when you create new meditations, offerings, or support.

Provided your content is original, you will also have more control over the selling process, marketing, content, and pricing, paying less fees to e-commerce and distribution platforms, and providing the ability to market your other services and products. In your online activities and whichever platforms you use, direct your listeners back to this page to engage with and purchase your meditations.

Build your reach with Streaming Services

Uploading your audio(s) to distribution platforms (streaming services) such as SoundCloud, Insight Timer, YouTube, Tidal, Spotify, among many others, allows large audiences to listen to and enjoy your meditations.

While the amount of money you might make from streaming is small (or nothing in the case of SoundCloud as it is not a sales platform), these platforms encourage and recommend new audio discovery for their users and so can boost your exposure and expand your audience of meditation enthusiasts and potential customers.

Using a streaming service also acts as an online storage location for your mp3 files. Whichever streaming service you use, you will want to direct listeners back to your website or online shop for sales.

Many of these platforms have integration tools to include on your website, making the process of listening to and purchasing your meditations easy for your customers.

5 Tips on Selling Meditations Online

TIP 3. Don’t save your audio (mp3) files to your website directly as they tend to be large files and can slow your website down. Instead, save the files to an online storage, streaming or e-commerce platform and link back or add their widget, plug-in, or audio player to your website for a seamless and professional experience for your customers.

Use meditation audios to add value to existing services

Beyond directly selling your meditations online, you can use them to add value to your meditation teaching programs, workshops, courses, coaching services, memberships, or podcasts.

Instead of reducing the price of your offerings, add more value by including meditation audio downloads for clients and students to practice with in their own time.

TIP 4. Use your meditation recordings to add value to an existing program, course, workshop, or coaching service. Instead of discounting your prices to entice more customers to purchase your services, increase the perceived value of the offering by including meditation downloads in the sales package.

Use meditations to grow your mailing list

Offering free downloadable meditation recordings are a great incentive for people to join your mailing list or share a testimonial online. Known as marketing opt-ins or lead magnets, giving away your audio downloads in exchange for people’s contact details, to provide reviews or expand your mailing list for future sales leads is extremely valuable.

The easiest way to share your meditations as a lead magnet or opt-in freebie, is to save your meditation to a free cloud storage service (see above) and include the link in the thank you, welcome or follow-up email that is sent after the customer signs up to your emailing list. Alternatively, you can upload the .mp3 file directly to your website opt-in form if you have one to instantly share with your new subscribers.

But wait, there’s more … Marketing

Whatever online options you choose, it is important to promote your audios and online shop along with engaging information so customers can read, learn, visit your site, and purchase your meditations.

Drive traffic to your online store by sharing the relevant ‘product’ links on social media, your website, in a blog post, your newsletter, on streaming services and in your business communications (e.g., your email signature).

TIP 5. Marketing is important. Once you’ve uploaded your audio to your chosen platform(s), create a link to it and share it with your audience via your website, blogs, newsletters, emails, and social media accounts.

Selling meditations online can be a great way to boost your audience and generate income. This is best done by using a mix of online services, while focusing on your website if you have one and your mailing list to maximise sales. Remember that any meditation audio that you distribute will need to be a good quality recording, so investing in a good quality microphone is essential. Sounds like the topic for another blog!

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