New free @NUGENAudio A|B Assist AAX plug-in available exclusively through Avid

New free AAX plug-in available exclusively through Avid

Can't decide which version of a track or mix sounds better? Or need to re-create sound from reference material? Make more confident choices using A|B Assist. This powerful AAX plug-in performs essential A/B and X/Y testing, providing a solid backup to your own listening instincts.

And now Avid is giving NUGEN Audio A|B Assist to Pro Tools 11 and 12 users for free!

Keep your hard-working ears honest and objective-even after listener fatigue or over-familiarity kicks in. Compare two audio sources and easily switch between your current production and any reference material. Or compare different mixes or processing chains blindly, hiding sources to keep your testing impartial - learn more.

Get your free copy of A|B Assist, from the Avid store here:

Additional information about the entire NUGEN Audio product family can be found at

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Abhishek Bhalerao


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