Vance Powell talks to Exponential Audio

Nashville based producer and engineer Vance Powell sat down with Exponential Audio to talk about his life in music, his journey to Nashville, reverbs and the future generation of sound engineers and producers.

This highly entertaining interview is not one to be missed and well worth a read.

"Powell is a self confessed lover of music which started in his early teens after his grandmother took him to a Johnny Paycheck gig. "I was this kid who came late to music, it was probably 7th or 8th grade, then I discovered Led Zeppelin and thought 'what the hell is this'? Then I immersed myself in a long period of the Beatles and I started to ask myself how they recorded their stuff. I was blown away by all those recordings. Then I came to the Stones. But when I discovered the Sex Pistols I really started to seek out all those punk bands like the Dead Kennedys." Powell is already running away with himself as he lists all his early influences in a torrent of unstoppable enthusiasm, but spend any time with Powell and you find his passion infectious. If Powell loves or hates something then you soon know it. But thankfully his passion does not have him coming across as an opinionated know-all; he's rather like a kid who has just discovered a new trick in a magic set."

Read the whole interview here

Abhishek Bhalerao
Abhishek Bhalerao


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