NUGEN Audio releases Loudness Toolkit 2

LEEDS, U.K. - April 8, 2015- NUGEN Audio today announced the release of Loudness Toolkit 2, the latest generation of the company's acclaimed suite of loudness metering and correction tools. Consisting of the VisLM-H 2 Loudness Meter, LM-Correct 2 Quick-Fix Tool, and ISL 2 True-Peak Limiter, Loudness Toolkit 2 now offers powerful workflow enhancements and upgrades that make it an even more valuable companion for users of non-linear editors (NLEs) and digital audio workstations (DAWs). While these upgrades are available now, NUGEN Audio will launch an additional version of Loudness Toolkit 2 for AVID Pro Tools | HDX power users by this summer, delivering Pro Tools | HDX-compatible versions of the company's VisLM-H 2 loudness meter and ISL 2 true-peak limiter.

"Our customers know that certainty is essential when dealing with loudness compliance, and NUGEN Audio has been giving clients total confidence in meeting loudness delivery guidelines since the standards were created. With Loudness Toolkit 2, our goal was to introduce a radical set of workflow enhancements to our unique, second-generation loudness solutions," said Jon Schorah, NUGEN Audio founder and creative director. "These enhancements include groundbreaking capabilities for the VisLM-H 2 loudness meter, innovative enhancements to the ISL 2 true-peak limiter, and game-changing new functionality for the LM-Correct quick-fix tool. Working in concert, these tools offer bullet-proof loudness compliance for everyone from the smallest pro audio operator to the busiest multinational post facility, and a vision for loudness integration that is unavailable via any other route today."

Loudness Toolkit 2 integrates a near-seamless loudness measurement and compliance workflow into the NLE suite, placing the engineer at the heart of the process with faster, smarter tools that take the guesswork and iterative processing out of loudness compliance.  Engineers can realize profound time-savings through quick-check and correction processing at up to 100 times faster than real time, within an NLE or as a file-based application. With a single click, they can ensure loudness compliance and prevent costly mistakes. By combining program and short-term or momentary loudness corrections, Loudness Toolkit 2 ensures engineers are fully equipped for evolving loudness regulations.

Improvements to the industry-standard VisLM-H Loudness Meter include a clear, resizable user interface with zoomable and scrollable logging and history. Another powerful new function in VisLM-H 2 is NUGEN Audio's ReMEMTM program loudness overdub mode, which instantly overdubs changes and re-calculates loudness on the fly. ReMEM saves time by building and remembering the loudness profile, locking it to the timecode, and saving it between sessions. In addition, offline loudness calculations can now be imported into the real-time VisLM meter.

With NUGEN Audio's ISL 2 on the master bus, engineers can "set and forget" the tool with the assurance of true-peak compliance at all times. ISL's new Dynamic Auto-Release mode enhances algorithm transparency by intelligently adjusting recovery for low-frequency content. Unique channel linking visualizations and interdependency controls make ISL 2 an unprecedented solution for a new generation of production requirements.

LM- Correct 2 now provides users with single-click analysis and correction to accelerate workflow for every seat, executing loudness analysis and correction up to 100 times faster than real time.  This includes combined program and short-term or momentary loudness correction that enables simple compliance with new regulations.  In addition, NUGEN Audio now offers professional users its industry-leading DynAptTM dynamic adaptation technology as a time-saving optional extension for LM Correct 2. For the first time, DynApt uniquely brings LRA correction into the timeline for rapid re-versioning or dynamic content re-purposing.  DynApt identifies and respects transitions and meets specifications intelligently while preserving dialog clarity.

Schorah added, "Our objective to bringing loudness metering and correction to every workstation seat has become reality through the accessible price point of the Loudness Toolkit.   Even the smallest audio post-production studio now has the capability to deliver the highest-quality audio, compliant with worldwide loudness requirements, the first time, every time. Toolkit 2 eliminates the expense of hardware and the huge inefficiencies and delays caused by real-time processes."

Loudness Toolkit 2 is available as a plug-in suite that also incorporates stand-alone versions of VisLM-H 2 and LM-Correct 2. Supported plug-in formats for VisLM-H 2 and ISL 2 include AAX, RTAS, VST2, VST3, and AU. VisLM-H 2, ISL 2 and LM-Correct 2 are also available as AVID Audio suite plug-ins.

The Loudness Toolkit is now available at a suggested retail price of Rs.60,736/-. Current owners can upgrade to Loudness Toolkit 2 for a special price of Rs.19,136/- until June 30 2015, and for Rs.25,536/ thereafter.  Clients who have purchased the current version of the Loudness Toolkit, VisLM, ISL, or LM-Correct after Jan. 1, 2015 will receive complimentary upgrades to the respective new versions. In addition, special pricing and upgrade paths will be offered to all current owners. Pricing and availability for HDX versions will be announced at a later date.

Additional information about the Loudness Toolkit 2 and the entire NUGEN Audio product family can be found at

Abhishek Bhalerao
Abhishek Bhalerao


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