Stereo width in mastering | how to measure, monitor and modify it.

Ian Shepherd of Production Advice on Stereo width - how to monitor, measure and modify it in mastering - featuring NUGEN Audio Visualizer.

People are always asking me about stereo width, image depth and “three dimensionality” in audio – and whether you can influence them at the mastering stage.

The answer is Yes – although it’s almost always better to get it right in the mix, just as with almost everything else !

That isn’t always possible though, and the truth is you really can get a surprising amount of control over these aspects of a master, even though you’re typically only ever working with a stereo file at the mastering stage. In this video I show you:

  • How to measure the stereo width of your mix, in a simple, affordable way.
  • What it sounds like when there is too much (or too little) stereo width in your audio.
  • Why you should never use the “polarity flip” trick to try and get more width in your mix.
  • Another two much more powerful & sophisticated ways to analyse the stereo image and phase content of your master, using the excellent NUGEN Audio Visualizer plugin.
  • A simple, effective way to take detailed control of the phase coherence of your audio – and when you shouldn’t use it.

Courtesy : Ian Shepherd | Production Advice.

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