Hyundai showroom with IOSONO

Hyundai Motor Company gives the world a whole new dimension to buying a car. The Korean carmaker recently set up a brand-new showroom in Seoul COEx mall, Asia’s largest underground shopping center. Yet it’s not ‘just a new showroom’. The ‘Hyundai Motorstudio Digital’, as the venue is called, offers a truly interactive brand experience without showing actual cars. Visitors can ‘virtually’ explore cars of different models, colors or specifications in a blink – a real first powered by a Barco IOSONO sound system.

*images courtesy of Hyundai Motor Company.

A truly cinematic sound experience

In the showroom, visitors can walk through different areas, all providing digital AV experiences. The highlight? The ‘Live Theater’, no doubt. Featuring a life-size, photorealistic 3D screen that shows cars at 1:1 scale, the theater invites visitors to take a virtual car trip – Amalfi coast? Sydney? They can choose which! – while listening to atmospheric music and realistic engine sounds. To create a truly cinematic sound experience, Hyundai called in the help of Barco IOSONO.

*images courtesy of Hyundai Motor Company.

Sharp, focused sound

Prior to setting up the Seoul showroom, Hyundai had installed an IOSONO sound system at their headquarters. Much to their satisfaction, it seems. So the Motorstudio Digital in Seoul was duly equipped with a 24.2 channel IOSONO system, containing a ring of 24 K-array speakers integrated into the ceiling. "Apart from the aesthetic integration, Hyundai required that the IOSONO sound system only focused on one part of the store", says Suk Won Kim, CEO of Sonospace, Barco’s integration partner for the installation. "This evokes an impressive experience for people in the live theatre without distracting other customers."

Curious to see your favorite Hyundai car come to life in the ‘Live Theater’? Do drop by when you’re in Seoul. Too far? This Hyundai video is a great start!

Courtesy : IOSONO GmbH

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