AuroMax® at Mix Presents Sound for Film

First there was Auro 11.1, now there’s AuroMax®. Brought to you by Auro Technologies and Barco, this revolutionary sound rendering technology combines the best characteristics of object-based technology with the Auro 11.1 immersive sound format. 

"The ultimate immersive cinematic experience"

AuroMax® takes the surround layers and screen channels from the Auro 11.1 speaker layout and adds additional zones to the room, maintaining a large sweet spot while adding just the right amount of resolution needed for the placement of specific objects in the mix.


  • A premium yet cost-effective sound experience
  • Supports an open standard for immersive sound
  • Upgradable with existing Auro 11.1 systems
  • Full platform flexibility for studios

Find out more about AuroMax® and watch the video here.


Abhishek Bhalerao
Abhishek Bhalerao


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