Björk Digital in Sydney with IOSONO sound

3D sound invigorated the Björk Digital exhibition at Carriageworks in Sydney (Australia), part of the Vivid 2016 festival of light, music, and ideas. For Björk’s latest album, Vulnicura, a series of innovative music videos were created, culminating in the 360-degree virtual reality exhibit Björk Digital. The exhibition was divided into five unique zones where visitors could explore the musician’s virtual reality project. Next to a virtual reality room, Björk Digital featured the immersive Black Lake cinema experience with a bespoke sound setup powered by the IOSONO CORE audio processor. Shot in the highlands of Iceland, the movie content was directed by Los Angeles-based artist filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang.

Virtual reality in music

“With her Vulnicura album, Björk combined virtual reality with music and Barco’s IOSONO CORE audio processor truly brought the Black Lake to life. We were honored to work with her team to commission the system and co-mix the 3D audio track with Björk’s sound designer, Marco Perry,” said Des O’Neill, spatial audio specialist and General Manager of Sounds & Motion.

“Originally mixed on the IOSONO CORE system at our London Immersive Audio Ltd studios, it was easy to translate the piece in Sydney to the Black Lake installation, together with Des O’Neill and an expert technical crew. The cutting-edge Black Lake installation featured two parallel wide-angled screens that played the visceral footage, and an immersive audio system that drew audiences into Björk’s vocal choreography by moving their attention around the room,” commented Marco Perry, Immersive Audio specialist for Björk.

About Vivid Sydney : Vivid Sydney is big – it’s the largest event of its kind in Australia and this year it’s extended its program with a wide variety of world-class concerts and music performances, public ideas programs, creative industry workshops, and conferences.

About Carriageworks multi-arts centre : Carriageworks is the largest and most significant contemporary multi-arts center of its kind in Australia.  The Carriageworks Artistic Program is ambitious, audacious, and provides vital support to leading Australian and international artists through commissioning and presenting contemporary work. 

Courtesy : Barco Audio Technologies

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Abhishek Bhalerao
Abhishek Bhalerao


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