Introducing the A125-M by PSI Audio. A new compact and extremely accurate subwoofer.

PSI Audio have been manufacturing loudspeakers for over 40 years. For now 25 years they have been manufacturing only active speakers initially developed and produced as original equipment manufacturer for Studer.

The single goal of a loudspeaker is to transform an electric signal into an acoustic signal as accurately as possible in frequency and phase. PSI Audio have been striving towards this goal in a scientific manner and have developed unique and entirely analogue technology including:

  • The CPR (Compensated Phase Response) ensures a perfectly flat phase response above 150 Hz to allow natural and dynamic transients as well as an impeccable stereo image.
  • The AOI (Adapted Output Impedance) includes a feedback system that adapts the output impedance to avoid any colouration of the sound whatsoever by the transducer.
  • Specially developed Class G amplifiers allow accurate and energy efficient amplification with minimal thermal stress on components.

All of PSI Audio monitors are entirely handmade in their workshops in Switzerland and individually calibrated in a large anechoic chamber where they receive their specific calibration curve that can be considered as a “birth certificate”.

PSI Audio | A125-M | India | Bhalerao Enterprises

PSI Audio now extend their range of products with a small-sized subwoofer, the A125-M, that is designed to extend the bandwidth of their monitors down to 28 Hz.

All of PSI Audio monitors have a roll-off that reduces low frequencies by up to 10 dB. Their subwoofers are designed to seamlessly extend the frequency of any PSI Audio monitor. This means that the monitors, with roll- off, and subwoofers are perfectly in phase and that the total frequency response is flat.

PSI Audio | A125-M | India | Bhalerao Enterprises

The SPL of the A125-M is adapted to work with PSI Audio’s smaller monitors such as A14-M, A17-M (see photo) or even the A21-M. Two of them will also work in stereo with the larger models such as A21-M and A25-M.

The dimensions are 32 x 38 x 48 cm and it weighs 21 kg. It is equipped with a single 25 cm driver in a double wooden cabinet driven by PSI Audio’s class-G amplifier and analogue technology.

The A125-M will be available as from April 2017.


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