Now shipping Appsys ProAudio: ADX-16 to India.

Appsys ProAudio: Founded in 2007 by Rolf Eichenseher, we're still a young and innovative swiss company. Our aim is to design and manufacture professional audio equipment which is hard to find elsewhere - all of our products are designed together with our customers to exactly meet their requirements. The result are high-quality, innovative solutions at reasonable prices.


The ADX-16 Kit has been designed to overcome the length limitations (5m/16 ft) of optical TOSLINK® interconnects running ADAT Lightpipe®, S/PDIF® and other protocols. The kit enables you to run two TOSLINK connections (one in each direction) over a single Cat5 cable and up to 100m / 330ft. in length, opening up a range of new possibilities (e.g. for audio distribution within a building).


: Economic digital 8x8 snake with lowest latency.

: Recording of 8 channels from a remote location, with master clock transmitted to the remote unit.

: Interconnection of ADAT enabled equipment (e.g. DAWs and digital mixers).

: If analog conversion is needed at one or both ends, we recommend using 8-channel ADC/DACs (e.g. Behringer ADA8000 or Focusrite Octopre mkII Dynamics) on the respective end(s).



: Bidirectional transmission over up to 100m/330ft. using a single Cat5 cable.

: Reliable, lossless, true bit-transparent transmission.

: Near-zero latency (< 1µs).

: Compatible with any data format which can be sent over TOSLINK (ADAT, SPDIF, AC-3/Dolby Digital, DTS ...)

: Quality product "Made in Switzerland"

Bhalerao Enterprises, who also represent brands such as NUGEN Audio, Bettermaker, Softube, Metric Halo, Golden Age Project, JoeCo, IOSONO GmbH (now Barco Audio Technologies) and Exponential Audio in India. For more information, contact Bhalerao Enterprises.

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Abhishek Bhalerao
Abhishek Bhalerao


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