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Sanket Kale is a renowned record producer & recording engineer.

Sanket : It is really a tough thing to choose best studio monitors these days as there are many monitoring speakers available in the market, i've been auditioning EVE Audio | SC203 for a while & i was really surprised with its superior sonic quality, crisp high feqn, controlled LF frequencies, within a compact enclosure. Wow,, it just makes it impressive. Further choice, i made a move for EVE Audio | SC205's.

DSP is a heart of EVE Audio speaker, one push knob operation and you will have access to very detailed volume control level and several different filter settings such as High, Desk, Low, LED with a high-quality A/D converter (24bit / 192kHz)

The SC205 might seem like a small speaker, but it definitely packs a punch. With an extended bass frequency response and an astounding output level, the SC205 will easily fill your room with exceptional sound.

Crank up the volume, and EVE will deliver a round bass. With no holes to look at every time you glance at your speakers.

Thanks to Bhalerao.


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Abhishek Bhalerao
Abhishek Bhalerao


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