UNO Synth - True analog synthesizer.

UNO Synth is the ultimate portable, monophonic, true analog synthesizer and IK Multimedia’s entry in the hardware synthesizer world.

UNO Synth - True analog synthesizer | Bhalerao Enterprises | India
We combined our two decades of experience in software and hardware development with the expertise of Italian boutique synth-maker Soundmachines and IK’s synth guru, Erik Norlander (one of the brains behind acclaimed synths like the Alesis Andromeda). The result is a no-compromise instrument with massive analog sound that’s also easy to use with hands-on programmability and advanced features at an unbeatable price.
What's New in UNO Synth
Firmware 1.1.1
  • Access full ADSR envelope controls by holding ENV
  • Access full ADSR envelope controls by holding FILTER
  • USB now supports MIDI out
  • MIDI can now by routed from USB to DIN and vice versa
  • Added a visual indicator if a preset has been edited and not saved

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Bhalerao Enterprises
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Abhishek Bhalerao
Abhishek Bhalerao


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