LaChapell Audio | Model 583E 500-series Tube Mic Preamp with EQ

The Model 583E features the same amplifier stage found on the 583S including the Jensen JT-115k input transformer coupled with an ultra-clean transformer-less three-band EQ section with fully sweeping frequency controls and cut/boost settings of +/- 8dB. The EQ can run as an integrated EQ serving the preamplifier or separate as its own autonomous module where both units run independently.



PREAMP Section:

Internal Gain: 0 to >70dB  
THD+N: 0.25% (Variable) 
Frequency Response: 12Hz to 70KHz
Max Output (1% THD+N): +26dBu 
RMS Noise: -95dBu 
Typical EIN: -120dBu 
Input Impedance: 1.5KΩ 
Tube Compliment: 1 x 12AX7/ECC83

EQ Section

Noise Floor: -95dB  
THD+N: 0.012% (@ +4 output) 
Frequency Response: 10Hz to 50KHz (flat) 
Cut / Boost Range: +/- 12dBu 
Maximum Input Level: ≥25dB 
Input Impedance: 48KΩ 
Input / Output Type: Transformerless 

*Stated specifications are typical measurements but subject to change without notice. All measurements taken while driving a 40kohm load with a 1khz source.  


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