A-Designs Audio


A-Designs Audio offers a combined total of 60+ years in engineering, sales and service experience. A-Designs Audio objective is to provide you with the best possible solutions built in the form of audio products, built on solid technology for the best possible performance in your studio, stage, or standalone applications.

A-Designs Audio product lines are field tested by professionals in “real-world” working environments, and put through rigorous tests. This assures the dependability and reliability you require in a working environment whether during a performance, session, installation, or whenever you need the assured quality we pride ourselves on.

A-Designs Audio understand the demands placed upon you. The last thing you want to worry about during a performance, installation, or session is your gear, the cost of conducting your business, or any of the other factors that add up to “pressure”. The bottom line is, we provide the tools you need for a job well done–within budget–with results that put you at the center of stories about success.  Just because a product is the best, doesn’t need to mean it should cost the most; that’s just plain backwards thinking. People ask, can a handcrafted product be perfectly engineered, quality-manufactured, and supported at the highest level of service, without sticker shock? We answer, Yes: A-Designs!

Bhalerao Enterprises is proud to be the India importer for A-Designs Audio.

A-Designs Audio products are imported, represented and marketed all over India by Bhalerao Enterprises.