Al.So Audio

Alternate Soundings or Al.So , is a French high-end pro audio equipment manufacturing & designing company offering outboards and professional tools for sound engineers, producers and musicians looking for quality and pure sound.

Established in 2002, the company is led by Olivier Bolling, a multi-skilled audio professional, active in the pro audio world since 1986.  Al.So introduced its first Sound Tools at the 2006 AES show in Paris: DYNAX and EZAX, 2 different versions of the same compressor, with the unavoidable «Anti-Dyna» mode that allows original and crazy sound shaping and dynamic control.

Later, Dynax became Dynax2, a stereo version of the original compressor presented at the 2007 AES Vienna and NYC shows.

Al.So then releases a new range of fully compatible 500 series form factor modules, offering genuine innovations like: Dual Pre / DI unit in a single slot, 500 series module, the MP2. A 26 channels summing mixer module (M2B,M2M and M26). And even a monitoring controller unit, the M2U. All these units combined, offer more than 50 channels of summing and monitoring control in a single API 6 slots Lunchbox !

In October 2009, the company introduced the HELLAX, a high quality & multi-purpose mono opto compressor & limiter for tracking / mixing allowing light compression to total dynamic control of various types of instruments and voices.

The 5 Series (5 for 500 series format) was introduced in 2011 at the New York AES.

Al.So Audio products are represented in India by Bhalerao Enterprises.