Real Sound Lab: Software & Plug-ins


Real Sound Lab proudly presents a unique technology for automated and detailed equalization of acoustic systems — CONEQ™  

This simple, fast and reliable solution offers the opportunity of correction of linear distortions of electro-acoustic transduction devices of all kinds (loudspeakers, microphones) without creating of new defects.  

The CONEQ™ technology has been tested with various acoustic systems in different environments: starting with simple consumer audio devices and ending with precise and sophisticated monitor systems of recording studios and reinforcement systems of live concerts.  

In every case, when actually measured APFR of system was “flattened” by use of CONEQ™, subjectively experts noticed that performance of the system was improved and no artificial effects added. Typical comments were: “sound colouring is removed”, “holes are filled in”, “loudspeakers have disappeared”.

Real Sound Lab software products are represented in India by Bhalerao Enterprises.