Sounds in Sync: Software & Plug-ins


Sounds In Sync has been instrumental in ensuring sound editors and designers from around the world have access to professional, time-saving sound editing applications and tools since we launched our first Edi product, EdiTrace, in 2003.

We now produce a range of products under the Edi banner, including EdiCue, EdiPrompt, EdiLoad, EdiChart and EdiMarker and, as industry needs change and technology evolves, we continue to update and develop all our products.

Sounds In Sync's lead developer, award-winning sound editor Mark Franken has consistently worked at the forefront of sound post production on a wide variety of projects from around the world. His hands-on experience in today’s exciting sound industry allows him to see where his colleagues need help - and provides him with the knowledge and impetus to create and develop the software to help them.

Sounds in Sync products are represented, marketed and distributed in India by Bhalerao Enterprises.