VirtualKaty: Software & Plug-ins


Founded in 2002, Virtual Katy Development Limited (VKDL) has since been focused on delivering innovative solutions for the post production world. Their audio post assistant product, VK Premium Collection, is a battle hardened program designed for audio professionals.

The assets and brands of VKDL were acquired by TBW International Pte, Ltd in August of 2010. TBW is a Singapore-based software development company that will bring all software development in-house, resulting in an increased reaction time to development demands necessitated by new releases of our partners' products, Pro Tools and Nuendo.

VK Premium Collection will retain its cutting edge status, offer more in terms of online store options and other development innovations, and remain the industry standard for automated conforming solutions well into the future. The change in ownership will be transparent to the end user. John McKay remains involved on a consultation basis as brand ambassador and as part of the "VK Expert Panel".

VKDL is a proud partner of Avid/Digidesign and of Steinberg Media, and TBW will continue to nurture those partnerships.

VirtualKaty products are represented and marketed all over India by Bhalerao Enterprises.