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Bose Professional

For more than 40 years, Bose Professional loudspeakers have demonstrated excellence in sound quality and reliability in some of the world’s leading performing arts centers, auditoriums, houses of worship, sports arenas, retail shops, hotels, conference rooms, dance clubs, and live music venues. Wherever premium sound quality is valued, you are likely to find Bose Professional loudspeakers.


Bose Professional DeltaQ technology defines the next-generation in loudspeaker array design with selectable coverage patterns that more precisely direct sound to audience areas for the best possible sound quality and vocal clarity throughout the listening area.

Bose Professional | Point-Source Sound Reinforcement | India | Bhalerao Enterprises

Bose Professional point-source loudspeakers are excellent choices for applications that do not require the sound level or precise coverage control of DeltaQ arrays, or for zone-fill applications where DeltaQ arrays are used as the primary reinforcement system.

Bose Professional | Column Line Array | India | Bhalerao Enterprises

Bose Panaray columnar line array loudspeakers provide wide horizontal coverage, with narrow vertical coverage, making them an excellent choice for small to medium-sized acoustically demanding spaces that require high speech intelligibility. As with all Panaray models, the columnar line array models feature full-range driver arrays, eliminating the need for tweeters and crossovers, to provide unsurpassed reliability and natural vocal clarity. The unique modular design allows multiple MA12, MA12EX or MSA12X units to be vertically stacked to provide increased sound levels and coverage distance.

Bose Professional | Background/Foreground | India | Bhalerao Enterprises

Bose background/foreground loudspeakers are designed for a wide range of commercial audio applications, including retail shops, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, conference rooms, bars and health clubs. Models are available for surface, flush-ceiling, pendant and in-ground mounting, for both indoor and outdoor installed applications. Bose Professional background/foreground loudspeakers provide premium sound quality to enhance the customer experience for retail and hospitality venues, with a brand that your customers recognize and value.

Bose Professional | Portable Loudspeakers | India | Bhalerao Enterprises

Bose Professional portable PA systems use proprietary technologies to provide best-in-class sound coverage and portability for nearly any performer or application. Our unique designs feature higher vocal projection and clarity, stronger output levels over distance, and consistent coverage and tonal balance throughout the venue. Whether you are a solo musician, mobile DJ or a full band, Bose portable systems ensure that you provide the best sound to your audience.

Bose Professional | Speciality Loudspeakers | India | Bhalerao Enterprises

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