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With 3D movie projection spreading across the globe successfully, 3D audio is just one logical step forward for moviegoers as well as cinema operators. During the past years several approaches in 3D surround sound have been developed, but the only true 3D solution available is IOSONO 3D sound. That's why the world's first blockbuster movie in 3D audio ("IMMORTALS") was mixed using an IOSONO sound system. IOSONO sound systems deliver fantastic, immersive, high quality audio – the result of years of research and practical experience.

With the IOSONO CORE, you will add a new dimension to the movie and attract a bigger audience with a listening experience they haven’t heard before. Immersive and captivating soundscapes jumping out of the screen complemented by the latest 3D image technology will have your customers thrilled. Instead of often diffused and unrealistic audio of conventional surround systems, IOSONO creates a natural perception of sound to be moving right through the audience. The CORE processor supports a wide range of formats from conventional stereo and surround up to any multichannel format.  Options & compatibility The Render+ option adds enhanced playback for conventional stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 surround mixes. The processor is compatible with Digital Cinema Servers from all manufacturers, guaranteeing an integrated solution without additional effort.

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Entertainment & Live Events

Simply unforgettable

IOSONO’s 3D sound systems are perfect to make multimedia event and entertainment installations unforgettable. They’re widely applicable and will help you create highly immersive and emotional presentations. IOSONO CORE opens up endless possibilities in the themed entertainment sector.  You can amaze your visitors with 3D sounds in attractions like a haunted house. Or simply create audio-visual landscapes with no limits in creativity. 4D shows, 3D sound to light or video synchronization, museum or planetaria shows – IOSONO CORE supports your ideas with best audio quality and utmost flexibility in sound placement. Inspire your audience!

Automatic adoption to other venues

The need for creation of several mixes for different venues and room configurations belongs to the past. By using IOSONO’s .icf format, you can easily reproduce audio content in other venues as well, as IOSONO CORE will optimize the playback for each speaker setup or room size automatically! This enables you to simply use one production in different places with unchanging sound perception, which is highly useful for planetaria, theme parks and other applications.

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Corporate Events & Showrooms

IOSONO corporate 3D sound – directly to the customer’s ears

IOSONO’s 3D sound will make your corporate showroom or tradeshow presentation stand out from the competition. IOSONO CORE creates emotional, audible experiences in all venues, with sounds moving freely in a three-dimensional space. This not only creates a crystal-clear perception of speech, music and sound effects – it transports your corporate message directly to the ears of your audience – more than any surround system can ever do.

No matter if it’s a multimedia showroom, a gala event or a product presentation – with IOSONO 3D sound you will leave an impression on visitors. You can even react to the audience and create interactive effects as sound sources can be controlled in real time. IOSONO gives you not only the safety and reliability a sound system needs to supply, but also the creative freedom to create unique results in brand communication.

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Themed Entertainment

German Pavilion at Expo 2012,  Yeosu, Korea.


In 2012 the German Pavillon at World Expo treated its visitors with fascinating 360-degree IOSONO 3D sound.

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Sound Production

SWD-IOSONO 3D sound studio,  Shanghai, China.

SWD Group and IOSONO opened a new 3D sound studio for music and movie sound production, demonstration and training.

BBC (UK) mixes radio drama using IOSONO.

Experimenting with new recording and mixing techniques, used IOSONO's tools for an object based radio play: "Pinocchio".

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Virtual Reality.

Siemens Audiology,  Erlangen, Germany.

With a high quality simulation of acoustic environments, the 3D sound system helps to optimize hearing aid research. The state of the art laboratory will be used to playback realistic sound samples from everyday life to subjects of perception tests.

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Tresor Club, Berlin, Germany.

In 2008 the famous techno club Tresor in Germany’s capital Berlin was the first venue to use IOSONO sound on the dance floor. DJs used an intuitive touch screen interface to control the IOSONO system.

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Anymix Pro.

Tony Gort, Sound Designer,  Canada.

"I am very pleased with what Anymix has brought to my workflow. The distance dependent panning saves time and provides an excellent level of realism.”

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