The C414 XLII multi-pattern condenser microphone offers a choice of nine polar patterns for the perfect sonic capture for every application. A peak hold LED displays even the shortest overload peaks. For live-sound applications and permanent installations, all controls can easily be disabled for trouble-free use.

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Type: Microphone

The C414 XLII version differs from the C414 XLS version in one major respect – the capsule. The C414 XLII's slight presence boost and impressive spatial reproduction are both similar to the legendary AKG C12 microphone from 1953.



Sonic character of the famous AKG C12 delivers astounding sound quality for lead vocals and solo instruments. 
Nine selectable polar patterns for the perfect setting for every application.
Three attenuation levels (-6,-12,-18dB) for close-up recording or high-output sources of up to 158dB SPL.
Three switchable different bass-cut filters to reduce wind noise, stage vibration or proximity effect.
Overload warning with audio peak hold LED to detect shortest audio peaks.

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