Appsys ProAudio: ADS-8

Active ADAT-Splitter & Repeater  

The ADS-8 ADAT/Toslink Splitter allows you to connect any signal source to two sinks. The active design overcomes the limitations of traditional passive splitters which essentially half the amount of light on each output (and the attenuated signal is usually too weak for proper transmission of high-speed signals like ADAT). In contrast, the ADS-8 receives the optical signal, converts it to an electrical signal which can be split without loss to the out put transmitters which operate on each port with full power.  


Reliable, lossless, true bit-transparent splitting of any signal  
Doubles maximum transmission distance of an optical connection from normally 5-10m to 10-20m, depending on the equipment used 
Compatible with all audio formats which can be sent over TOSLINK 
Quality product "Made in Switzerland" 


Splitter (1 input -> 2 outputs)  
AC adapter in "green" switching technology 
Printed manual 

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