Appsys ProAudio: ADX-8

ADAT/Toslink Extender 8ch (kit)

Send ADAT over Cat5, up to 100 meters!

Without any kind of compression or other potentially sound-degrading conversions, the input signal is 100% bitwise transmitted in real time to the output. Ideally suited for connecting your PC to your HiFi equipment, for upgrading your network cabling to a true HiFi-capable sound bridge, or to listen to music in uncompromising quality anywhere you can reach with standard network cabling. Or use the extender in your recording studio as a cheap ADAT Lightpipe extension. By using multiple extenders, you can even build an inexpensive digital multicore at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions!  


Lossless, uncompressed 1:1 transmission over a differential signal pair - similar as in professional audio equipment (AES/EBU)  
Standard TOSLINK optical jacks at input and output 
Eliminates hum, buzz and noise thanks to galvanic isolation (ground loop removal) 
Compatible with all digital audio formats (SPDIF, AC-3 (Dolby Digital [R]), ADAT Lightpipe etc)  up to 96 kHz sample rate / 12.5 MBit signalling rate 
Cost-effective installation using standard Cat5 network cabling 
Quality product "Made in Switzerland" 


Transmitter (TOSLINK->Cat5 Cable adapter)  
Receiver (Cat5 cable->TOSLINK adapter) 
AC adapter in "green" switching technology 
Printed manual  


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