AudioGaming | AudioMotors V2 Pro

Real-time audio plug-in for engine sounds 

Your ultimate post-production engine tool  

From idling to full throttle, AudioMotors allows you to fully control the engine as if you were driving a car.  
What if a Mini Cooper became a truck ? It is now possible ! AudioMotors plug-in is the perfect tool for creative sound design. From a basic car sound recording you can create a totally new and astonishing engine sound.

Drive your creativity  
Let your creativity be the added value of your work, fully control the sound design of a car and free yourself from the time consuming old methods !

First of its kind analysis-synthesis engine  
Unrivaled analysis engine that automatically detect RPMs in your recordings, even with noisy backgrounds 
Unrivaled real-time advanced synthesis engine precise down to the engine cycle 
Gives you direct access to the actual RPMs in your recordings and the ability to change it in real-time

Extended creative possibilities  
Sound design capabilities to generate a wide range of creative sounds 
It works on many other kinds of cyclic sounds!

Your ultimate post-production engine tool  
Use AudioMotors databanks and your own recordings   
Use interior/exterior sounds with the same quality of results to ensure seamless transitions 
Use automation for perfect sound alignment within your scene and between scenes

Easy and precise synchronization  
By using multiple instances of the plugin in the same session you can combine differents engine sounds (interior/exterior/exhaust) even if they came from different sources. The plug can syncronize all the sound clips to the same RPM.

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