AudioGaming | AudioSteps Pro

Footstep sound engine for post-production and video games

AudioGaming introduces the first audio footstep system available as a plug-in.

Based on specific real-time control and ownership of acoustic audio signatures, we produce realistic footstep sounds for most post-production needs. Sound designers get expert control on the audio and save a considerable amount of time. No more need for footstep recordings, all combinations are already available in the plug-in! Gain control over the different properties to shape the sounds you desire.     


Get access instantaneously to thousands of footsteps including different walking speeds   
Different behaviors available: walk, break, scuff, tread and clumsiness control  
Unique recording setup control to change mic perspective and footstep perceived distance  
Pitch control and randomization  
Envelope control for each walking type  
MIDI in/MIDI out for unlimited control surface possibilities as well as mixing synchronicity.  
Preset system to speed up recurrent work  
Instant preview for fast browsing  
Unique midi note off mode to offer instant sounding flexibility & soon to come tablet control (iOS/Android)  
VST, RTAS, AU / Windows, MacOSX   

Use Case
Whether you don't have the time or the budget to go through a foley session, you now have a backup plan. You can use AudioSteps to instantly sound your scene and use the real-time controls to make it fit perfectly your scene. AudioSteps has currently more than 21 shoes/surfaces combinations, and many more will come.  

The available surfaces are:  
Concrete, Wood, parquet, Dirt, Gravel, Coarse gravel, Tiles, Water. 

The available shoes are:  
Tennis, Ballet shoes, Business shoes, Stiletto heel, Hiking boots.

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