AuviTran: AVI64-ES100

EtherSound interface for RME products

AuviTran’s AVI64-ES100 card brings EtherSound compatibility to RME™ I64 Slot based products such as DMC-842, Micstasy and ADI8-QS.  

Providing two EtherSound connectors, both for very-low latency audio and data transmission, up to 64 audio channels can be sent to and received from a RME I64 Slot based products to any other EtherSound compatible device, over regular CAT5 cables.  

The AVI64-ES100 cards offer full network control of audio routing and constant network status monitoring, making it ideal for live professional audio applications.  

The integrated I64 midi port is managed by the AVI64-ES100 and allows direct control of the RME™ devices from a remote ESMonitor application or a serial port tunnelling from another ES100 point in the network.  


128 channels, 24 bit, 48 kHz or 44 kHz audio transmission over Ethernet.  
Up to 64 inputs and 64 outputs depending on hosting RME™ device can be dynamically "inserted" or "extracted" to/from any of the 128 or 64 EtherSound channels. 
Fully compatible with RME™ I64 format products such as DMC-842, Micstasy and ADI8-QS. 
2x EtherSound™ ES100 connectors allow the daisy-chaining of multiple AVI64-ES100 cards or other 3rd-party EtherSound™ devices. 
Remote management with ESMonitor of integrated I64 Midi Serial Port through EtherSound Network. Control page of DMC-842, Micstasy and ADI8-QS are available for monitoring and controlling these devices.. 
Serial port tunnelling capability to link multi devices or to bridge devices over EtherSound. 

Product recommended for Distribution, routing and control of audio for live and touring installations

Live broadcast PA/announcement 
Live entertainment and concerts 
TV and Radio Outside Broadcast 
Electro acoustic music productions 
Itinerant Museums and Theatres 

Product for fixed installation with high quality Audio distribution, paging and zone management:

Stadium, Opera, theatre, museum and arts centre 
Theme parks and resorts 
Public Address: touring and fixed sound reinforcement  
Electro acoustic music productions 
Office blocks, corporate boardrooms and buildings PA 

Product for Transportation public address:

Train and bus stations terminals 
Airport facilities and audio distribution
Cruise Ships paging including onboard entertainment and leisure centre audio facilities 

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