AuviTran: AVY16-ES100

EtherSound interface card for Yamaha consoles and DME
The card provides two ES100 In/Out ports, a RS232 connector, a ES100 Third port and mini- YGDAI interface for both very-low latency audio and data transmission.  

Up to 64 audio input and 64 audio output channels can be transmitted to or sent from a Yamaha mixer to any other EtherSound™ compatible device, over regular CAT5 cables.  

The AVY16-ES100 card oers full network and/or local control of all channel assignments, as well as constant network status monitoring, making it ideal for live professional audio applications.  

Via the RS232 port, external third-party equiment can be connected to any other third-party device using virtual tunelling or to an EtherSound™ compliant application located on a remote PC.  


128 channels, 24 bit, 48 kHz or 44 kHz audio transmission over Ethernet. 

16 YGDAI output channels can be dynamically "extracted" from any of the 64 EtherSound™ downstream channels or from any of the 64 upstream channels when the bidirectional mode is active. 

16 YGDAI input channels can be dynamically "inserted" to any of the 64 EtherSound™ downstream channels or to any of the 64 upstream channels when the bidirectional mode is active. 

AuviTran’s ESMonitor, a Windows application running on a remote PC connected to the EtherSound™ network, allows automatic discovery of AVY16-ES100 cards; monitors connection & disconnection status for all cards; controls the individual cards’ parameters; and alllows local assignment of any YGDAI input or output to the required EtherSound™ channel. 

2 x ES100 ports allow the daisy-chaining of multiple AVY16-ES100 cards or other thirdparty EtherSound™ devices. 

RS232 serial port allows 3rd-party data connection through the EtherSound™ network using virtual data tunelling or data exchange from/to a remote PC. 

Applications Product recommended for: 

Live entertainment and concerts 
Stadiums, opera, theatre, museum and arts centres 
Theme parks and resorts 
Television and radio outside broadcast 
PA announcements 
Exhibition and conference centres 
Recording and broadcast studio 
Cruise ship paging, onboard entertainment and leisure centre audio systems 
Shopping malls and arcades - zone mixing 


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