AuviTran: AxC-DANTE

Audio networking cards for the AuviTran Audio ToolBox platform

Audinate’s Dante technology provides high performance digital media networking that meets the quality and performance requirements of professional audio market.  

Dante is built on Internet Protocols, not on Ethernet level.  

Using standard IP over Ethernet, Dante is able to run on inexpensive off-the-shelf computer networking hardware, and with use of standard QoS, can share installed networks with other data and computing traffic. Dante provides sample-accurate synchronization and can deliver the very low latency required by professional audio. Dante’s networkcentric, audio independent approach to synchronization allows synchronized playback across different audio channels, devices and networks, even over multiple switch hops.  

AxC-DANTE card provides to the AuviTran Audio ToolBox platform a cost effective gateway to DANTE connected devices.  

Combined with other AuviTran Audio ToolBox cards, the AxC-DANTE card opens exciting possibilities to the professional audio systems:  

DANTE based stage boxes, in combination with the high performance AxC-AX4M high class mic/line preamps cards and AxC-AX4O analog out card

DANTE bridges in combination with other network AxC card such as DANTE-MADI bridge, DANTE-EtherSound bridges, with unique connectivity possibilities (dynamic patching solution, remote control, ASIO recording/playback…) 


Audinate DanteTM interface card 
64 Inputs + 64 Outputs DanteTM
2 x EtherCon connectors (Primary/Secondary)
Two additional RJ45 connectors
Integrated switch

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