Golden Age Project | FC4

The FC 4 is a low-cost, small capsule, true condenser microphone with transformer-less discrete low noise class-A electronics. The 20 mm, 3 um gold-sputtered diaphragm has a cardioid shaped polar pattern and a great sensitivity.

The characteristics of the FC 4 are ideal for many recording and live situations. It will catch the crispness of your favorite guitar, every detail of your acoustic piano, the complexity of a clean electric guitar, the raw power of distorted amps, etc.  

We have equipped the FC 4 with high-pass filter and pad switches. This also makes it suitable for loud sounds and even vocal recording.  

Every musician and studio have use for a couple of FC 4´s. The small capsule cardioid condenser mic is one of the most basic mics for recording. The FC 4 is truly a great sounding and very versatile microphone at a very low price!


Acoustic instruments: piano, guitar, drums, percussion, strings.
Overhead miking: drums percussion, cymbals.
Room ambiance: guitar amplifier, drums.
Wind instruments: brass and woodwinds.
Home and studio recording. 

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