IGS Audio: Globus

The Globus 16 Line Amp is our newest summing amplifier. The device has 16 inputs and 6 outputs. Circuits are balanced using op-amp. This time the point of summing is not about finding the sound in the Summing Amp. Summing is to be very natural and transparent.

Globus has the ability to operate on very high signal levels and also has a brilliant crosstalk, which qualifies it for use during the final mixdown.

The concept of analog summing has as many supporters as opponents. Some say that it doesn't have any effect, while others maintain that it's the only way to achieve a loud, saturated and great sounding mix. Whatever the opinions may be, one thing is certain: during mixing in our DAW, when several analog audio outboards are used, at some point all signals have to bee added (summed). Every one of these singals can be pluged into an external A/D converter or they can be added using a analog summator. The GLOBUS is a perfect tool for those that agree with the analog summing concept.


Modern Op Amp based analog summing amplifier 
+4dB operating level
16 XLR analog inputs
6 XLR analog outputs
Flat and wide bandwidth (20Hz - 20kHz +/-0.1dB) 
Crosstalk more than 103dB 
Noise level -120dB 
Alps potentiometer controlled output (-60dB to +5dB) 
All inputs added 1:1 
Very user friendly with DAW 
Useful with parallel compression 
Easy to repeat front settings (one big knob) 
Ultra fast, precise VU meters 
Power indicator 
Internal power supply 
230V/110V Power option
Not a toy - for professional use only. 


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