IGS Audio: IQ Double Qualizer

Dual mono equalizer - Neumann style

IGS IQ Qualizer is a modern application of the noble sound of analog correctors. This very precise, parametric equalizer works great on every stage of production. It can add marvelous color to the signal, while maintaining the whole character of the original sound.

Collections: Equalizers, IGS Audio

Type: Equalizer

This is a unique phenomenon possible only with analog processing. As opposed to digital application correction it maintains neutrality and clarity in every setting. The simultaneous boosting and cutting of similar frequencies are the core secret of this device. This is the typical effect of analog filters in the audio path. Most of the sound correction is in micro-manipulation. The frequency range is divided into 4 bands: Sub, Bass, Mid, High. In every band the frequency and boost/cut level can be set.



Dual mono unit  
Op-amp based parametric equalizer
XLR balanced input and output  
Hard-wire BYPASS switch  
4 bands: Sub, Low, Mid, High 
15dB regulation 
Crosstalk -110dB  
Frequency response -0.1dB: 20Hz-20KHz  
Potentiometer controls  
Internal power supply  
230V/110V Power option 
Power Consumption: 24 Watts  
Dimensions: 19" 2U, 230mm deep 
Shipping weight: 8 kilos 

IGS IQ bandwidth examples (1, 3, 6, 9dB step):

Low and high Boost.


Low and high Cut.


Mid Boost.


Mid Cut.



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