Passive EQ with 990 discreet opamp and transformer balanced I/O - Pultec inspired


Rubber Bands 500 is a passive equalizer absurdly reduced in size. This tiny module is equipped with transformer balancing on inputs and outputs (Carnhill) as well as a discrete power circuit. Of course the entire filtering section is passive and mirrors fully analogue equalizers from the 60s.


Collections: 500 Series EQ, IGS Audio

Type: 500 Series EQ


API 500 standard module  
Passive Equalizer 
Input impendance:1kΩ – Carnhill transformer balanced 
Output impendance:600kΩ – Carnhill transformer balanced 
Max input level: +20 dBu 
Max output level: +22 dBm 
Band amplification: +18 dB 
Harmonic distortion THD: up to 0,1% 
Frequency response: +/- 0.1 dB 20Hz do 20kHz 
Signal-noise: over 99 dB 
Power supply: +/- 16V 
Current consumption: 70mA 
Dimensions: (h*w*d) 132x37x158mm 
Mass: 900g.

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