JoeCoRemote enables the JoeCo BlackBox Recorder and JoeCo BlackBox Player to be remotely controlled via iPad. Developed for use with a range of iPad models, the JoeCoRemote app, in combination with a specially designed hardware interface, offers control of any 24-channel or 64-channel BlackBox Recorder/ Player.

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Type: Remote

The iPad interface enables all transport functions (Play, Stop, Record) to be remotely controlled, as well as providing access to the BlackBox menu structure for changing settings, naming tracks, etc.. In addition to its standard input metering display, the interface also has a dedicated Monitor window offering real-time monitor mix control of all channels. This window features expandable channel strips with graphic faders, pan, PFL, solo and mute controls, enabling a separate monitor mix to be created and sent via the headphone output on the BlackBox.

JoeCoRemote can also be used for remotely controlling and editing BlackBox Player playlists. Playlists stored on the Player can be viewed and edited on the iPad interface as required, before being stored back on the Player’s disk, offering an intuitive alternative for remote editing of show content. The iPad interface also provides a further option for triggering playlists during shows, theatre performances and themed entertainment.

JoeCoRemote has been primarily developed to work wirelessly, via the hardware interface. A cable is also supplied with the interface to provide wired connectivity for locations where multiple competing WiFi signals can create a congested environment.

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