Mackie | MCU Pro

Expandable Control Surface with 9 Motorized Faders, 8 V-Pots, More Than 50 Buttons, and USB

Modern DAW software has given us virtually unlimited possibilities for manipulating audio, but sacrifices the organic feel of faders and knobs at our fingertips. Reclaim that experience without losing the power of software with the expandable MCU Pro control surface. With simple USB plug-and-play setup with nearly any DAW, you will be mixing like a pro with real motorized touch-sensitive faders, buttons and assignable V-pots in no time.

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With MCU Pro, you get deep, intuitive control of mix and plug-in parameters, real-time visual feedback and set up is plug-and-play — without any MIDI mapping whatsoever! Streamline mixing in your project studio or scale up with multiple MCU XTs to mix major projects. With the push of a button, writing automation on dozens of tracks in a large music project or even mixing for film and television is now effortless.

Touch-sensitive control surface for real-console feel and analog vibe The Mackie Control Universal Pro's 100mm touch-sensitive Alps motorized faders give you accurate, smooth, real-console feel, bringing the hands-on vibe of analog to your state-of-the-art DAW productions. The same fader set is also featured on the seamlessly integrated Mackie Control Extender Pro expansion module, which also shares the same channel strip functions.

Proprietary communication protocol for easy software integration Mackie's proprietary communication protocol lets you get the most out of your software, giving you precise control over setups and control surface assignments - no mapping required! In addition to the unit's versatile faders and more than 50 dedicated buttons, accurate V-Pot rotary encoders allow you to manipulate software, plug-in effects, and virtual instruments. And the backlit LCD lets you easily monitor your mixes in real time.

MIDI interface for direct connection to your computer and external MIDI gear An onboard USB MIDI interface is included for direct connection to a Mac or PC computer, as well as up to three additional pieces of external MIDI gear (with even more control capability when integrated with the Control C4 Pro expansion module). Software-specific Lexan overlays are also included, allowing the Control Universal Pro to be easily adapted to your DAW.

Mackie Control Universal Pro Expandable Workstation Control Surface Features:

  • Expandable touch-sensitive control surface with 100mm Alps motorized faders
  • Proprietary Mackie communication protocol for seamless music production software integration
  • V-Pot control over software, plug-in effects, and virtual instruments
  • More than 50 dedicated buttons for fine control of software parameters
  • Tape-style transport controls
  • Full meter display with track names and parameters
  • Quick cursor-style Up, Down, Left, Right, and Zoom buttons
  • Onboard USB MIDI interface for direct connection to a Mac or PC computer and up to 3 additional pieces of external MIDI gear
  • Software-specific Lexan overlays included
  • Expandable via optional Mackie Control Extender Pro and Control C4 Pro modules
  • Newer, better-feeling jog wheel
  • Skinnier side cheeks (looks more like a console when expanded)
  • New metal casing and new industrial design


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