Metric Halo | ChannelStrip 3

ChannelStrip 3 is a plug-in for digital audio workstations which provides the essential basic channel processing found in the channel strip of a modern mixing console.  

Processing functions include:  - Input level control  - Phase Invert  - Expander/Gate with filtered sidechain  - Compressor with filtered sidechain  - 6 band Parametric EQ  - Channel delay  - Limiter  - Advanced metering

Buy Metric Halo | ChannelStrip 3 online in India and UAE.

ChannelStrip 3 has several notable new features not present in ChannelStrip 2:  - Updated and resizable user interface  - Sidechain listen  - Scalable gain reduction meters  - New “MIO” compressor character  - SpectraFooTM spectrum analysis  - Limiter  - Fully interpolated EQ section with scalable display  - Processes are automatically enabled when adjusted    





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