Metric Halo | Precision DeEsser

The Precision DeEsser is a plug-in that allows you to manipulate your tracks and remove remove excessive high frequency content. It combines the high precision filter technology and dynamics processing of ChannelStrip with the metering and analysis of SpectraFoo to allow you zero in on offending frequencies and correct them quickly and efficiently.

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Precision DeEsser features comprehensive listening controls to allow you to hear to hear exactly what is (or isn't) being removed; you may choose five different points in the processing chain to monitor. As with all Metric Halo AAX plug-ins, parameters are fully automatable to give you full control of the processing during mixdown.

The Precision DeEsser is an essential tool for vocal tracks, but can also be used for sound design and other audio processing.

Notable features include:

High precision filter block with Center. 
Bandwidth and Sharpness controls-Compressor with Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release controls.
Comprehensive Listening Control
Control-SpectraFoo™ spectrum analysis, with selectable Instantaneous and Average displays
Scalable gain reduction meter





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