Neyrinck | SoundCode For Dolby Digital 2

The SoundCode For Dolby Digital plug-in suite provides mastering-quality workflow tools that enable you to preview, encode, and decode Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio directly within Pro Tools software, without the need for dedicated Dolby hardware. Whether you are mixing in surround for television, delivering surround audio for DVD video, decoding audio from a DVD video within Pro Tools, or creating a DVD reference disk, SoundCode provides a range of powerful features to help you accomplish your goals, all within the industry-standard Pro Tools environment. 


Faster-than-realtime Encode and Decode   
Realtime Preview to Emulate Cable Set-top Box  
Punch In/Out  
Realtime Decoding  
DVD Decoding  
DRC Metering

System Requirements

Pro Tools 10.3.7 / Pro Tools 11.0 and later  
Mac OS X and Windows 

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