Neyrinck | V-Mon 3

V-Mon is a powerful surround monitoring plug-in system for Pro Tools HDX and HD Accel systems. V-Mon flexibly monitors and meters up to ten 5.1 inputs, eight stereo aux inputs, four talk back inputs, and two listen back inputs. V-Mon provides extensive output control for up to four 7.1 speaker systems, one stereo downmix, eight cues, one stem meter for external hardware metering, and one stereo meter for external hardware metering. V-Mon is compatible with the Tac Systems VMC-101 remote controller. 


Ten 5.1 Inputs or Six 7.1 Inputs   
Integrated Stereo & Mono Downmixing  
Four Speaker Outputs  
Compatible With Digital Speakers  
Talk Back, Listen Back, and Slate  
Extensive Metering  
Remote Controllability

System Requirements

Mac OS X, Windows 7  
HDX - Pro Tools 10.0 and later 
TDM - Pro Tools 9.0 and later 

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