NUGEN Audio | ISL 2

True-Peak limiter.

World class, broadcast quality limiting is an essential requirement for any audio production, and the latest standards also demand true-peak compliance. ISL 2 delivers both, giving you superb sound with complete confidence about meeting the standards.  

No need to second guess your sample-peak limiter time and again, or deliberately increase headroom to avoid a downstream problem. Just dial in your true-peak limit and let ISL 2 take care of the rest.

PACE iLok 2 is required for this product.

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ISL | Stereo user interface



ISL | 5.1 Surround user interface


Pristine quality true-peak limiting



ISL 2 is a transparent look-ahead limiter designed to allow you to get on with creative audio production while it takes care of true-peak compliance for you.



ISL 2 uses the standardised true-peak algorithms of ITU-R B.S. 1770 and related standards (including Apple ‘Mastered for iTunes’ true-peak detection), and is suitable for the control of audio for Post Production and Broadcast applications. True-peak limiting can also be used to ensure that down-stream Codecs (mp3, AAC etc.) do not introduce distortion into the signal.

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