Network MADI I/O Device - 128 fiber MADI I/O channels with SANE and Ethernet  


Conception: DIGITAL I/O MODULE - The DD2FR-FX is designed to function as a digital interface, wherever MADI ports are required in an OPTOCORE OPTICAL or CAT5 SANE DIGITAL NETWORK SYSTEM. The 2 fibre MADI principle ports feature the unique possibility of any combination of MADI inputs and/or outputs. With the other Optocore and SANE devices, the DD2FR-FX offers a great flexibility to build the network exactly suiting an application's need. With Optocore microphone preamps (X6R and V3R), the DD2FR-FX enables the gain control of the preamps on stage from a Soundcraft, Studer, Lawo or SSL digital console at FOH. These common installation interfaces provide a simple and cost-efficient connection to other audio equipment.


2 optical MADI I/O ports = 256 digital audio channels  
Possibility to choose the MADI standard for each port (AES-10-1991 or AES-10-2003) 
Sub D Connector with four RS485 interfaces for the exchange of control data. (e.g. RS422, RS485, DMX, MIDI) or GPI/O 
Word clock input and output 
Composite video in- and output 
2 optical 2 Gbps LINK interface with duplex LC-connectors 
Full remote access with OPTOCORE CONTROL software 
Upgradeable internal logic 
Comprehensive status control via LED banks on the front 
Sample rates up to 192 kHz 
2 RJ45 Links for SANE and 10 Mbit or 100 Mbit Ethernet 
2 RJ45 interfaces for 10 Mbit or 100 Mbit Ethernet 
Word clock IN and OUT 
Embedded internal word clock for stand-alone applications 
USB, RS232 and LAN port for configuration and control 
Full remote access with OPTOCORE CONTROL software 
Dual power supply with automatic switchover available 

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