Optogate: PB-06

The Optogate PB-06 is our microphone gate for fixed installations. This model is connected direct parallel to the mic. and can be fixed under a table with Velcro tape what is delivered together with the PB-06. The PB-06 is equipped with an infrared sensor and senses if someone is in front of the microphone in order to switch on the microphone. The distance can be adjusted between 15cm and 120cm with the help of a Trim Pot.  

Optogates are the best and easiest solution for the most common problems in live applications. It eleminates unwanted backgound noise of other instruments into unused microphones on stage. So, the clarity of the mix and the dynamics will be increased due to less phase cancellation and backgound noise. It reduces the possibility of feedback from unused mics. Just plug & Play... 


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Type: Accessories

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