Optogate: XLR Generator (Pink Noise ) 48V Tester

XLR Generator Pink Noise

This handy device is avaible in two different versions: One a Pink Noise generator and the other a 100Hz sine wave generator. Just connect the XLR generator to a desk, switch on the phantom power and the generator will start. In the case of defective cable in the twisted pair the built in LED flashes 2 or 3 times to indicate a fault on the connector pins 2 or 3. If the LED does not illuminate the phantom power is off or the ground of the cable is not connected. The cable might be ok if the LED is on continuously and the generator is working. The output of the XLR generator is balanced. 

The linetester is the perfect solution for a fast test on stage. It will fit in every pocket due Its small size. The power supply is the Phantom power from the console, no battery required.

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Type: Accessories

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