Sonodyne | PM 50 (Single)

The PM Series delivers exceptional performance at an unbeatable value.

Taking from our experience at designing and building reference monitors, the PM is all about power and detail. We retained all the learnings from the SRP and SM ranges to incorporate in the PM, not only high quality performance and design, but also high-grade components.

Sonodyne | PM 50 | India | Bhalerao Enterprises

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Sonodyne | PM 50 | India | Bhalerao Enterprises

The enclosure is solide MDF with heavy internal bracing. It is rear ported and turbulence noises are minimised. The custom PP cone woofers and the silk dome tweeters are tested to the limit so that they retain fidelity at high SPLs.

The Class AB bi-amplifier is reliable and efficient. Low noise circuitry is used throughout. The transformer is a toroidal type. On board features include EQ tilts for highs and lows, and level control.

Sonodyne | PM 50 | India | Bhalerao Enterprises

The smaller of the two, the PM 50 features a 5.25" PP cone woofer, and 1" silk dome tweeter. Internally powered at 100 watt (LF: 50, HF: 50) it delivers an impressive 104 dB. The highs are open and transparent, mids are detailed and bass is tight.

Inserts on the base allow for mounting. The PM 50 is thus ideal not only for near field monitoring for music, but also for multichannel applications.

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