Sounds in Sync | EdiChart v3

EdiChart automates the process of creating dubbing charts for mixers. It can load edit information from Pro Tools and create a chart in the form of a pdf file. Available in OS X (Intel) and Windows (Win7+8 32/64bit) FEATURES: Loads Pro Tools v10+ (.ptx) session files directly Uses unique print scaling options to economise paper use while printing all data required, including all of region name Prints region and marker data using Timecodes or Footages Combines Tracks to represent Pro Tools outputs that have been mixed together Exports total duration of all regions selected in TC/F+F and seconds. Can be used to calculate total durations of music cues by composer Selects start and end time; first and last track; number of tracks per page; timescale ratios and fonts and colours for each printed element Reads TAGs in region and track names to further customise print layout, including legacy TAGs Converts any track width (stereo, LCR, 5.1 ...) into a single track Sets the Text Encoding (character set) used while loading and saving files, required for compatibility with international characters Automatically loads Pro Tools text files with Chinese, Japanese and Korean headers Saves and recalls five global user settings Compatible with Pro Tools version 7 and above 


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