Sounds in Sync | EdiCue v2

Create ADR cues within Pro Tools to export PDF cue sheets and a variety of files to automate the recording process. [Mac/Win]. EdiCue enables sound editors to create ADR Cues and Department Notes within Pro Tools. It can create PDF scripts in various formats and generate files that trigger audio beeps or vision wipes to assist the recording process. Available in OS X (Intel) and Windows (Win7+8 32/64bit), the program provides the option to activate a three day trial license when first run. WHY CREATE CUES IN PRO TOOLS SESSIONS?   The most efficient way to create cues is from within Pro Tools. This new workflow not only speeds up the process of creating cues, but these cue tracks can be used by other editors or mixers as an indication of what work is in progress.   If pictures are re-cut while cueing, cue timing can easily be updated by grouping cue tracks to edit tracks during the re-conform. Once the edit tracks have been re-conformed (either manually or using EdiLoad), the cues can be played with the new pictures to update timing or text as required.

Features: Session Interface window simplifies entry and automatically spell checks ADR Cues, Department Notes and Scene Description text. The following dictionaries are currently available: American English, British English, Canadian English, German post-reform, Norwegian Bokmål Extracts character lines and scene descriptions directly from PDF shooting scripts Cues films or television episodes using footages or timecodes Loads multiple reels of a film from one session (now available when using footages) Set scene numbers in each cue, or by creating region groups on a 'Scene Number' track at scene change points Prints PDFs in various formats, colors and sort orders Creates MIDI files containing markers, cue beeps, vision wipe commands or text cue commands that can be read by EdiPrompt Exports separate XML/text files for each character that can be loaded into ADR Studio, AV Media Pyxis, Colin Broad VS-1 visual streamer, VoiceQ, ADR Manager, Sound Master or EuroTaker Exports all ADR cues as XML files or tab/comma delimited text files Exports ADR Cues as script files to burn-in subtitles into quicktime movies Sets the Text Encoding (character set) used while loading and saving text files, required for compatibility with international characters  Generates unique cue numbers during print or assigns custom cue numbers while logging cues Configures a MIDI Solutions Relay to trigger GPI devices Store the settings and last cue number(s) printed for up to 30 productions Import ADR Cues from various databases including cue numbers  

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