Sounds in Sync | EdiLoad v3

EdiLoad is the Sound Editor's Edit List Toolkit. It conforms location audio, re-conforms Pro Tools sessions, imports edit data from Pro Tools sessions and exports a variety of files to aid the sound post-production process. EdiLoad v3 contains a new 'Compare' window which allows users to find the difference between vision lists and create a list of picture changes. This was previously performed using the EdiTrace website, however this new feature contains advanced VFX tracing controls to match updated visual fx shots.

The sound editor's edit list toolkit that can compare edit lists, re-conform a Pro Tools session, conform audio and export a variety of files to aid the sound post-production process. License requires a 2nd generation iLok. [Mac/Win] 

FeaturesCompare edit lists to find changes when pictures are updated (EdiTrace no longer required). Our compare algorithm is also used in Pyramix v6+ to power the 'Detect Picture Change & Reconform' function. Use new 'Match Name' to store clean Clip Names when comparing visual fx shots Test VFX clip name cleaning settings before performing a compare Compare multiple old versions to easily find deleted shots Compensate where possible for changes to pictures running at different speeds Save and Load edit lists and settings to a single Project file Display changes graphically in overview window Use unique comparison algorithm to find changes between multi-layer edit lists Batch load edit lists from folders Re-conform a Pro Tools session for picture changes Ripple source material half an hour when updating film reels Add markers to change points (OS X only) Re-conform a Nuendo or Cubase project with the help of The Maisch Conformer (Win only) Conform location audio from an edit list with Pro Tools expand tracks Modify or create custom change lists within Pro Tools to re-conform edit sessions the way you want Create Pro Tools sessions with a track containing clips at every picture cut or scene change point Export MIDI files containing markers, SYSEX commands or MIDI notes at every picture or scene change point Import Pro Tools sessions to extract edit data and create EDLs containing picture/sound changes Load any text based EDL (e.g. CMX3600, GVG, SMPTE File 32) Read 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97NDF, 29.97DF, 30NDF and 30DF FPS timecodes including 29.97/23.976 lists Append EDL files by track or time Optimise edit lists specifically for audio conforms and re-conforms Extract Scene/Slate/Take data from EDL Comments or Clip Names to create new Roll Names Batch update Roll Names Offset Source or Destination timecodes Export selected tracks as a standard CMX3600, File16 or File32 EDL    

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