Sounds in Sync | EdiPrompt v1

EdiPrompt reads MIDI commands sent from any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and uses them to display a variety of on-screen prompts. It can also automate the ADR and foley recording process when using Pro Tools by locating to each cue and renaming the record track. Display visual overlays to cue actors or foley artists during record and automate the recording process in Pro Tools. [Mac only]

FeaturesOverlays visual cues on top of any movie window from any Mac-based DAW (available for Apple desktop displays only – not compatible with external video display units) Reads midi files generated by EdiCue or EdiPrompt. Also compatible with Tesla- style streamer and flutter sysex commands Enables you to record several cues in the one take Displays a cue’s text, prompts, counters, streamers, flutters and progress bar Plays audio cue beeps using internal or external samples Configures up to two independent ‘Paths’ of A/V cues with their own settings Saves and recalls five global user settings   EXTENDED FEATURES:   Automatically fires prompts, counters, streamers or cue beeps when Pro Tools plays and/or records using the Auto Cue feature Renames one or more record tracks with the current cue number (ADR recording) or current region name (foley recording) Locates to cue with pre-record value if set Says the take number during pre-roll of a record take (using the computer’s voice) Displays record status and take number in overlay window to actor  Works with Pro Tools Video Satellite and Loop Record features


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