Source Elements | Source-Talkback

Enable console style talkback and listen-back without needing any external hardware. Newly designed for AAX 64-bit compatibility in Pro Tools 11. Now with Auto mode.

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Talkback (Aux) goes on the Auxilary track that has your microphone input.



Talkback (Master) goes on your Master fader.

To open and close Talkback you have options:

  1. Click the Talkback button to toggle.
  2. Toggle using then slash key "\". Latch using Shift+\.
  3. Enable Auto-Mode in the Options menu. Talkback will close when the transport is running and open when stopped.


When working with talent at your studio or remotely via Source-Connect (or any other method of connecting to another studio) whether it is across the hallway or across the world you probably want to listen to the connection over your speakers rather than over headphones. This means that your connected partners will hear themselves back in your microphone, making it difficult for them to speak.

If you are in your studio, you may have hardware at your disposal that provides talkback functionality: some analog mixers or control surfaces such as the D-Control come with built-in talkback functions. However if you are on the road or using a setup like Pro Tools Native, you may not have built-in talkback.

The Source-Talkback plug-ins solve this problem for you, more efficiently and more conveniently than spending more money on an additional hardware piece to lug around just for a single, simple feature.

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