Greiner Engineering Tools | sum.mation

For the complete analog summing experience:  

16 channels with left-center-right assign
Unique stereo bus design with low noise & distortion + high current output  
Passive summing node output for experimentation with different amps (Neve, API)
Cascade-able design Familiar stereo metering
DAW-driven volume automation, powered by a plugin inside the DAW you already own and are already familiar with — no need to learn a new automation package or buy a new computer
For the console that needs automation:  

Balanced channel inputs & direct outputs for insertion into any existing console
Super transparent, modern VCA design
Infinitely expandable architecture
Compatible with any hardware control surface that’s compatible with your DAW
Works with your existing DAW automation — no need to buy another computer or learn a new, convoluted automation system

Key Features:   

Avoids inter-sample latency problems when mixing "in the box"   
Proven VCA technology as heard on countless hits mixed by top engineers, but with modern circuit upgrades  
Easy audio connection via industry-standard DB-25 connectors (stereo output on XLR)  
Simple USB connection — Mac & PC class-compliant (no drivers to install)  

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